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Birth registration

Remote birth registration appointment

Birth registrations are carried out remotely which means we complete the registration over the phone.  

Before making an appointment please make sure you have read and understood the information on the Council's registering a birth page. 

To confirm your appointment please remember to click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the confirm details page. The booking confirmation page will provide you with a reference number which you should keep for future reference.

If you do not click the 'Submit' button your appointment will not be booked.

Before your appointment, take a photograph or scan the card you are given by the hospital or doctor and send this to You must include the date and time of your appointment in your email. .  It would be helpful if you could also include your child’s full name including any middle names in your email.  After the registration, you will be asked to mark the birth card to show that the birth has been registered.


Did the birth occur in Scotland